So you're a business expert who teaches clients about offers, marketing, systems, finance or operations - but you're noticing your clients need A LOT more sales training.

We got you.

You want to provide the utmost value for clients, but you don't want to spend weeks or months creating a bunch of sales training content for them.

You want to be able to give them some of the best training, without there being too much extra work for you.

You want to be able to charge top dollar prices, but know that in order to do that you need to provide proven sales training that gets people better ROI.

You want to know you're giving them training that actually works and gets results (and has plenty of receipts to prove it!)

You want to be able to be of service and of value, but you don't have time to be filming videos, uploading them to a portal or making sales scripts.

You just wish someone would have already done this for you so you can easily add it into training programs you already sell.

We had so many emails, DMs and conversations like this...

So we figured out a solution for you that will allow you to better serve your clients and earn more, without having to figure out how to do a bunch of new training for them.

this could be your clients (and you!)

“Gotta give big ups to the lovely Ms. Abella for giving my money maker a swift kick this week. A few simple shifts and action steps and BOOM six sales in two days!

– Brandy M.

Claudia Miller
Claudia MillerCareer Coach
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Claudia went from making $7000 a month working 14 hour days to making $17k in a week while working half the time. Her close rate rose 30 percentage points to 70 percent.
Adina Applebaum
Adina ApplebaumFinance Coach and Founder of Immigrant Finance School
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Amanda is a brilliant business, mindset, and strategy genius. She has helped me transform in my personal and business growth in more ways than I can describe in words, supporting me to get to a place where I can actually start working toward my purpose. If you have any doubts about signing up for her programs, take the leap of faith and you will quickly see the investment is well worth it.
Sylvia Moe Inks
Sylvia Moe InksBusiness Consultant
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Sylvia went from being overwhelmed and burned out doing one to one work to creating a signature offer and closing 13 new clients in four weeks. Her close rate is 90 percent.
Rolande Sumner
Rolande SumnerBusiness Consultant for Veterans
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Started closing high ticket clients within two weeks and closed another $14,000 sale.

Partner with the best female sales trainer online...

The Persuade to Profit Licensee program is a way for you to partner with Amanda Abella and bring your clients proven sales training that gets results.

✓ No bro marketer sales

✓ No sleazy sales

✓ No pushy sales 


Who is this for?

✓ Business coaches who already teach how to create offers and marketing, but don’t teach sales.

✓ People who believe in the power of human relationships and communication.

✓ Coaches who want to offer a solid program that has been in the market several years and is proven to get results.

Think longterm…

Using this strategy allows you to create more return on investment for your clients. More ROI for them means happier clients and more money for you.

Take Your Time Back and Get Off The Hamster Wheel

You can stop trying to figure out how to administer sales training to your clients. We have the videos and instructions for you.

Immediately Increase the Value of Your Product Or Service

Higher ROI potential means higher prices.

Persuade to profit Licensee program

Persuade to Profit has helped countless coaches, consultants and service providers triple their revenue while working half the time by teaching them the sales skills they need in order to succeed in the market place.

In the six module program, your clients will learn the foundational skills and sales process required for success.

No exhausting launches.

No ad spend required.

No sleazy bro marketer sales.

Get all of this as a licensee:

✓ Access to the training program (no need to purchase additional training)

✓ Access to The Private Client Facebook Group

✓ Access to all the Sales Scripts we teach

✓ Access to a training manual we use for teaching sales skills and role play

✓ Access to materials that teach you how to put together and online conversion event to help you close more sales using our products and services

✓ A license that covers up to 100 users for a year. We cover the training portal so you don’t have to.

✓Discounts to our services, products and events. 

Make Money Your Honey and our Persuade to Profit Sales Training featured in Entrepreneur in 2023!

Align your business with a company with a proven track record and the authority already built in. 

What if...?

✓ You could earn an additional six figures in revenue?

✓ You could better serve your clients?

✓ You could feel more confident about your product because you know you've covered all the bases?

Check Out Some Of Our Student Wins!

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commonly asked questions

No. This is for a one year license to use our materials.

As quickly as you execute. All you need to do is adjust your pitch to your clients and let them know you also cover sales training.

No. This is to license materials that already exist.

You let us know which of your clients have invested in sales training with you and we get them a username and password to our portal. You also get acess to our training materials which show you exactly how to teach them.

No. You are licensing out another trainer’s content.

You can cancel the license by letting us know at least 90 days before your license is to renew. This ensures we have enough time to offboard your clients.

Apply to become a licensee today!

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