You deserve to profit in any economy.

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You deserve a business that supports YOU. Not a prison that requires 24/7 attention.

You deserve abundance. You deserve having a business where services and products are easy to sell. You deserve to feel like you’re abundantly provided for. You deserve a business where you have enough cash flow to pay yourself, pay a team, have time freedom and have profits leftover.

My name is Amanda Abella. I’ve been an online entrepreneur for a decade – first as a financial writer and influencer where I built a brand with a community of over 60,000 people and worked with the top brands in finance.

In that time, I learned the ins and outs of creating an online business. I also learned how to market and sell with a unique approach. An approach that focuses on systems, influence and sales so you can get the CASH FLOW you need for a sustainable business. (My finance brain wouldn’t have it any other way!)

I teach that approach in Persuade to Profit where clients across industries start seeing results in 30 to 45 days. We’ve been running this program for three years and clients have been able to – make six figures within 12 months, make $10,000+ in sales within a few weeks, create the perfect flagship offerings for their audience, generate $10k to $15k in revenue per month, start scaling their businesses and make $50,000 in sales in 30 days. 

The Problem

Most of the coaches out there teaching you how to start online businesses are teaching mindset, marketing and manifesting but they aren’t teaching you the most important skill of all – sales.

They are great at teaching you marketing or social media, but they fail to teach sales. And if they do teach sales, it’s an old school approach that does not get results. Or, they teach you unsustainable strategies that make money quickly, but has you become a prisoner to your own business.



With our proven system, clients on average start seeing results within 45 to 60 days.


We get your mind right so you can get your money right. Amanda brings her experience as a financial writer, marketer, podcaster and educator to the mix to give you a holistic approach to money mindset.


We help you craft your message so you establish your expertise. We show you how to put that messaging into an effective customer attraction process and teach you how to use it in sales.


We help you create and package the perfect offer that is easy to sell and yields profits. Most businesses are operating under business models that trap them into a prison. We're not about that life. We want you taking vacations.


It's off to the races with Amanda's famous sales training! We cover EVERY aspect of sales - mindset, psychology, pricing, objection handling, closing, follow up, organization, systems and more!

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Persuade to Profit ® Framework

Our Mission


To equip and inspire women around the world to realize their true financial potential so they can provide for future generations, impact their communities and make the world a better place.


Why such a focus on CASH FLOW and PROFIT?

Let me start of by saying I know what it’s like to be jobless, broke and in debt. I also know what it’s like to start an online business and feel totally overwhelmed. And I also know what it’s like to try the latest funnel or strategy to no avail. I’ve been there.

What shifted it was starting to focus on profits. Once I did that I started asking different questions. What business model do I need? Not one to one coaching or freelancing. What does my pricing need to be? High ticket. How do my behaviors and decisions need to change? I needed boundaries. What skillsets do I need to double down on to make profits? Sales sales sales! What systems do I need so I don’t build a prison for myself? Online systems.

Once I started asking better questions, I started seeing better results. I shifted away from freelance writing and private coaching and built a multiple-six figure busines selling programs within two years.

Now I’m in a position where I can start HELPING more with the abundance in my life. Who can I hire and give a chance to? What does the non-profit branch of my company look like? What church or charity can I give 10% of my income to? What investments can I make to make sure future generations are set?

And, you know, I like a pair of Christian Louboutins too.

The point I’m trying to make is you can’t do much without money. You want to change the world? Start by changing your own financial picture first. That’s why we focus on scalable business models, systems and teach sales.


Are we a match?

Wondering if this is the right program for you? Here are the qualities we are looking for.

You've already been in a service-based business at least one year and don't want to waste any more time.

You could be a freelancer, a coach or a consultant. Doing it on the side of your job for a year counts. We cut to the chase in Persuade to Profit so you understand what leads to money in the bank account the fastest.

You are looking to set the foundations to scale.

We discuss business models that will help you make more money in less time. THIS is what gives you time and money freedom. The last thing we want is for you to be working 24/7 and exhausted.

You're ready to actually make money with high ticket offerings.

Our clients on average create packages they can charge a minimum of $1500 to $2000 for. Our clients have also created offerings they can charge up to $20,000 for. My finance nerd background kicks in and we discuss profits from the gate. Our goal is to make sure you have a PROFITABLE business, not just having a business that allows you to survive.

You are ready to learn one of the most important skillsets in life - SALES!

Once you learn how to sell, your confidence shoots through the roof! Amanda has over 12 years of sales experience and has worked with some of the top trainers in the world.

Do any of these sound like you?

Then you are the PERFECT fit for Persuade to Profit!

Let's talk about why most women business owners struggle...

According to the book Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny, one in four American workers is an underearner and most of them are women.

It’s a complicated cocktail of conditioning, mindset, wrong business model and lack of proper training and we bust through all of that in Persuade to Profit. That’s why we’ve had clients go from being petrified of asking for money to landing $20,000 deals.


What do successful women-owned business have in common?

We've worked with over 150 women in the last three years and we can break down exactly what separates the winners from the rest of the pack.

They own they want to make money.

Not only do they own it, they embrace it!

They have a clear message and audience.

There is no confusion as to who they help and how.

They value their time.

They set up business models that value their time plus they have excellent boundaries.

They consistently invest in education and hire help.

Successful women business owners recognize when they have a gap and invest in help to fix the gap.

They learn how to sell.

That's right! Women make amazing salespeople once they understand the psychology and mechanics. Women with this skillset skyrocket to success because they understand everything is sales.

They stay in the right environments.

Successful women business owners purposely put themselves in environments with other people who are creating, growing and reaching for the stars.

Persuade to Profit
Systems, Influence and Sales

Everything you need to go from struggling consultant with inconsistent revenue months to creating consistent five-figure months, become a sales ninja and skyrocket to success.

Benefits of Joining Persuade to Profit

There are so many!

Direct access to Amanda and her team for 90 days.

At a fraction of what it costs to hire us to coach you one on one. You get a Facebook group and weekly group coaching calls for 90 days.

A library of videos that walk you through the system.

Videos include money mindset trainings, market research, offer creation, packaging, profits, online marketing, sales, systems and more!

You get to hang with ambitious bosses who are ready to make money and make an impact.

We understand environment is everything and we take that very seriously. That's why all clients must go through our application process.

Specialized sales training and videos.

So you know exactly how to make money no matter what is going on. Learn how to masterfully handle objections like "I need to think about it," "I can't afford it," "I'll do it later," and many more.

What do we cover in Persuade to Profit?

Worried about not having enough time? We got you with a masterclass on focus, time management and boundaries. We also cover money mindset so you’re ready to jump in and start getting those profits you derserve!

Most businesses coaches have you do market research that asks people what they would pay for your product. Not here boo! We’re diving deep into the mind of your market to find out everything you need to know to create and package an irrestible offer, write killer marketing and sell with confidence and ease.

We walk you through creating an offer that is both scalable (think less time more money), fun to deliver and easy to sell. We’ll also focus on making sure you are priced for profits.

Once we have data, know what we’re selling, to who and for how much it’s time to craft effective online messaging and build part one of your online funnel. We have full copy and messaging  breakdowns based on Amanda’s decade of experience in online marketing and sales. We also have step by step tech tutorials and funnels you can swipe.

Sales Level 1 helps you build out part 2 of your funnel so by the time you’re speaking with a prospect, you hear them say “Wow, this is exactly what I’m looking for!” and all you need to do is handle their objections. Speaking of objections, in Slay Your Sales Level 1 we show you how to handle the two most common objections “I can’t afford it” and “Let me think about it.” We also show you how to close on the phone.

This is where things get REALLY good! One we have phase one of your funnel completed and you’re more comfortable with sales, it’s time to turn you into a sales ninja! This is where we go deep into the psychology and mindset of successful sales and the psychology of your potential clients. This is also where we go deeper into sales and cover prospecting, how to warm up cold leads, how to organize your sales pipeline, webinars, setting up your client relationship manager and a daily sales system so you always know where your next client is coming from.

We have thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses to help you make an impact and increase your profits!


  •  Access to the Persuade to Profit Networking and Support Group on Facebook. ($1000/mo. value): Students get extra support from Amanda and her team and regularly partner up for business.
  • Masterclass: How to Make Money As a Brand Ambassador and Speaker ($400 value): Once students learn how to effectively market themselves and build their authority, they regularly start getting approached for spokesperson work and speaking engagements. This masterclass taught by Amanda’s brand manager, teaches you exactly what you need to know, what to look out for in contracts and how to negotiate.
  • Masterclass: Networking Your Way to More Money ($400 value): Strapped for cash and wondering where to get leads? This masterclass taught by one of our very first students will show exactly how to network so you can earn thousands of dollars in additional revenue.
  • Masterclass: Managing Your Business Finances ($400): What do you do about taxes? Should you hire an accountant? This masterclass taught by Amanda’s long time accountant will set you straight.
  • A library of video examples of sales objection handling and sales closes! ($2500/year value): Regularly updated!
  • How to Do Sales in a Time of Crisis Masterclass ($400 Value): New for 2020. We’re living in unique times and this masterclass shows you how to sell during economic crunches. If you learn how to sell when things are tough, you’ll be unstoppable when things are good!
  • Be Your Own PR Agent Masterclass ($400 value): Amanda teaches you exactly how she’s gotten on tip rated business podcasts, secured a column at Inc and got TV and radio media without having spent a dime on PR agencies!

Video Testimonials

Check out some of our client wins!

What Industry Experts Are Saying About Amanda and Persuade to Profit

Gay Hendricks, Author of The Big Leap and The Genius Zone

Caitlin Doenmer, Founder of the Multi 7-Figure Virtual Coaching Sales which has done sales recruiting for Fabienne Frederickson, Mastin Kipp and Deepak Chopra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Persuade to Profit for women only?

Persuade to Profit is for women and the men who support them.

I'm "new" to business! Is this too advanced?

Not at all! We regularly work with beginners who don't want to waste any time in setting up a successful business. If anything, this program shaves years off your learning curve.

I already have a business that brings in regular income. How will this help me?

The question is how are you earning your income? Are you stressed out, working with one-on-one clients and not making enough profit? Then this is for you. We will get you set up to scale and set up for profits. You'll also improve your sales skills. We've had existing businesses implement our strategies and double their sales.

I want 1:1 coaching. Is that possible?

Yes, as a student of Persuade to Profit you can purchase one-on-one coaching and intensives from Amanda and her team. These are not available outside of Persuade to Profit.

Can I get a refund or cancel my payments?

Due to the nature of this being a digital product with a coaching component, we do not offer refunds or cancellations.

What happens after I join? Is it lifetime access?

You'll immediately get an email with your username and password to our custom built client portal. And yes! You have lifetime access to all course materials and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions continued...

What does 90 days of support look like?

Weekly group coaching calls with Amanda and her team for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days you have the option to join our 12-month mastermind for more support.

Do you offer legal or financial advice?

No. However we have a wide network of referrals including attorneys and accountants. We also have bonus classes with Amanda's team that address these issues.

I'm afraid of sales. How can you help me?

Totally understandable. Amanda was once afraid of sales too. Amanda breaks down everything you need to know so you feel confident doing sales. You also get time to practice so you do sales with ease. Dare we say sales start becoming fun?

I've already had sales training. How can this help me?

Are you making the kind of money you want to make? Are you talking to enough leads? Are you converting enough leads? Are you handling objections with ease? If the answer to any of these is NO, you need to join. Unfortunately, a lot of the common sales advice out there isn't good enough and still leaves people struggling.

Can you guarantee results?

No. There are many variables at play that forbid us from making any guarantees. What we can say is if you do the work, it works. We can also show you what's possible through all our client testimonials. If it's posssible for them it's possible for you too!

I want to offer low-ticket items. Do you cover this?

Our focus is on high-ticket sales like top dollar programs, coaching and services. If you want to do lower ticket items like membership site this is not for you. We believe you need the cash flow and profits needed to scale a business first, which is why we start with high-ticket sales. From there you can decide what your next offerings will be and you'll have the cash to execute and scale it.

Everyone is born prosperous. My mission is to make sure people know that and implement it. When you change your own financial environment you can change the world

Ready to build a financially sustainable business? Apply below! Next round starts February 2021! Ask us about our early enrollment bonuses!

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